Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hockey Lovers, Unite!

Hey bloggees and bloggettes! Just some more fun-filled facts for you all to read, this time however, it's hockey we're dealing with! Well, let's get started, shall we? This time, I've even bulleted each point to make it easier to read!

* The H on the Habs sweater stands for "Hockey", not "habitant", as is commonly rumoured. Montreal is technically the “Club de Hockey Canadien”, and were once the "Club Athletique Canadien"...hence the "A" that once sat in place of the modern "H". Habitant is a nickname, but is not the reason for the letter. (No way!)

* Hockey pucks are frozen before being used in play, because the RUBBER with which they are made is too bouncy otherwise. (Did NOT know!)

* Most fans know about Canada's lucky loonie at centre ice, but did you know a dime was buried in the ice BEFORE the dollar coin, just underneath it? (SO awesome!)

* Legendary goalie Jacques Plante loved to knit! (Wow, cool!)

* NHL overtime was eliminated during WWII, because there were restrictions on train travel, so they couldn't risk going long and missing the one and only train that night. It was only reinstated in 1983-84. (Interesting!)

* The great Howie Morenz was rumoured to have died of a broken heart after being told he would never play hockey again. (The man was a legend!)

* Don Kowharski was the first Canadian referee EVER requested by the Soviets in an international Canada-USSR match, Game One of the 1987 Canada Cup Final. Before that there were numerous controversies concerning Russians and their tactics surrounding officiating. (Amazing!)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Some Fun Soccer Facts

Hey world. Sitting here reading some fun soccer facts, and thought I'd reach out to share with those of you who may be interested, but didn't know!

The World Cup of 1958 was the last one where the hosts reached the final and didn't win as Sweden lost to Brazil with 2-5. This was also the only time, a South American team won the World Cup on European ground. On the other hand, no European team ever won if the World Cup wasn't held in Europe.

The only other time a host reached the final and didn't win was in 1950 in Brazil. This however wasn't a final as all the others before or afterwards as this was the only time a final round was installed with four teams (Uruguay, Brazil, Sweden, Spain) playing each other. Uruguay eventually won with 2 wins and 1 draw.

Since 1954 when Germany liftet the World Cup for the first time, they've been among the last 8 nations every single time. No other team has been that consistent. On 26 June 1954, the quarter-final match in Lausanne produced more goals than any match before or since, Austria beating Switzerland 7-5, despite the Swiss being 3:0 ahead at one stage. The record win however dates from 1982 when Hungary beat El Salvador 10:1 (the only double figure win in World Cup history).

Pretty interesting stuff, huh! Stay tuned for more cool facts.